Simply put, I am here to help you change.

Welcome to Subversion Fitness, my private personal training & fitness studio. I'm here to teach you how to take back control over your mind and body, how to nourish both your cells and your soul, and how to create the healthier lifestyle you deserve. It's your time to shine, to live more confidently in your own skin. It's my mission to show you how.

Fitness has been my passion for over twenty years. I have always placed importance in taking care of my body, because I believe that living healthfully leads to looking good and feeling great about yourself. I hope to share my excitement for this lifestyle with you here at my studio, and around the globe!

Launching April 2015!

Launching April 2015!

Subversion Fitness is a private fitness studio that offers stylish relief from today’s ordinary gyms. My trainers and I offer a genuine experience from day one; our unique fitness classes, trendy atmosphere, and interactive fitness community are designed to transform both your body and your outlook on fitness. We aren’t just another big-box gym. We won’t lure you in with a long-term membership agreement, then leave you wondering how to “get fit.” As fitness professionals, our philosophy is simple; we believe everyone deserves the benefits of personal training without breaking the bank.

At Subversion Fitness, you'll channel your energy into achieving your fitness goals without distraction, without judgement, and without fear. Our studio is exclusive to a limited number of clients at any given time to ensure every individual receives the personalized attention they deserve. We listen. We get to know you, and we understand your goals so that we provide workouts with your results in mind! 

Subversion Fitness trainers are here to fuel your metabolism, feed your need to break a sweat, and motivate you to build the body you dream of, not the one you think you're stuck with. We believe in a healthy lifestyle, and offer all the tools you need to achieve optimal wellness the healthy way!

Come in for a cup of coffee, an upbeat atmosphere, and an expertly designed workout with fitness pros that truly care about you. We promise to take the “work” out of “working out!”


Your beach body awaits. Living the good life is within your means; a healthy, fit lifestyle doesn't have to feel unobtainable... And neither does having a healthy, fit body! With the right exercise and nutrition tools, you can stop envying those models on magazine covers, and start feeling like one yourself. Our 8-Week Metamorphosis Program is designed to teach you how to take better care of your body from the inside out. Erika will coach you 1-on-1 with proper nourishment and progressive exercise, so you'll feel better on the inside, and look better on the outside almost immediately! 

All Metamorphosis clients are required to check-in with their trainer weekly for measurements, progress pictures (if training remotely), and program adjustments. Your Metamorphosis package includes 60-days of customized, macro-approved daily menus, recipes, workouts, ebooks, and more. Start your transformation with Erika today!

8-Week Metamorphosis (Nutrition Plan Only)


8-Week Metamorphosis (Complete Program)



Create the body you crave.


Our trainers create 100% customized, goal-oriented training plans designed for efficiency. Each individual plan is as unique as the client, and will incorporate all of today's fitness trends and innovative techniques. Subversion Fitness trainers inspire you to reach your full health potential with the best science-based exercise and nutrition programs in Southern New Jersey. No two workouts are ever the same, but each session will leave you one step closer to looking, feeling, and living your best! We offer private and small-group personal training in our fitness studio, at your home or office (restrictions apply), or via online coaching. No crowds, no distractions. Our focus in on you!

Complimentary monthly body composition analysis and monitoring is included with all personal training. 



Private Training

60-minute session


Private Express Training

30-Minute session

Small Group Training

40-minute session

Specialty Training


Getting fit is more fun with friends.


Forget about those mediocre workouts you've been doing; our unique classes will take your fitness to the next level. Our workouts are led by energetic instructors, and our class sizes are limited to ensure our monthly members receive the same personalized attention as our private training clients. Our classes compliment each other throughout the week; we recommend our clients to workout with us 3-4 times per week for optimal results. All ages and fitness levels are welcome; we are more than happy to provide modifications for any move during any class.


Subversion Strength Bootcamp

50-Minutes of controlled moderate/heavy weight training via progressive sequences of strength exercises formatted to work your larger muscle groups.

Obtain Definition Bootcamp

50-Minutes of functional training that focuses on smaller, stabilizing muscles groups, including higher reps to keep your heart rate up for maximal calorie burn.

Catalyst Cardio & Core

50-Minutes of heart pulsing, lung pumping plyometrics, with bursts of core movement throughout.


50-Minutes of high energy plyometrics on the step, segmented with strength training moves for a total body metabolic makeover.

Tabata Hybrid

50-Minutes of 30-second metabolic supersets, combining strength and cardio moves in one calorie torching workout.

Cardio Combat & Core

45-Minutes of high-intensity cardio kickboxing and core moves.

TRX Training

50-Minutes of total body strengthening & sculpting, utilizing your body weight for resistance at various angles.

Sculpt & Tone

60-Minutes of sculpting defined muscles via a combination of strength training & pilates based moves, completed with lighter weights at higher reps 

Zumba Fitness

60-Minutes of America's favorite Latin hip-hop aerobics.

Barre Body

50-Minutes of ballet inspired exercises & stretches targeting those hard-to-sculpt muscle groups.

Booty Barre

50-Minutes of total body sculpting & toning moves incorporating both ballet & pilates exercises.

Total Body Bootcamp

60-Minutes of surprises; we call this our "kitchen sink" workout because you never know which moves to expect.


Training & nutrition, no matter where you are.


Whether you're looking to lose weight, sculpt lean muscle, prepare for a fitness competition, or simply live a healthier life, our trainers can develop a plan for you, no matter where you're located. Affordable. Accountability. Customized. Committed.